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Privacy policy

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Trovac Industries Ltd (or “Trovac”), put into place a “Privacy Policy” that it commits to comply with, regarding the protection or your personal information when you use its website: www.cyclovac.com (hereafter referred to as the “Website”). It also applies to purchases of products in one of Trovac’s authorized dealers or distributors.

By accessing Trovac’s Website, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy and more particularly to the provisions hereafter stated regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. We therefore take for granted that you will read this Privacy Policy very carefully.

Personal information

Personal information means information that allows your identification and others kind of informations about yourself. For example, the following information is considered personal information:

  • your contact information (name, postal address, phone number and e-mail address);
  • your choices and preferences (products and services);
  • your data to conclude a transaction (products purchased, method of payment, amount paid and credit or debit card number).

lease note that if you choose not to provide some of your personal information that is requested, we might not be able to provide you with the product, service or information that you requested.

When you provide any personal information, you consent to the use we may make of it in compliance with this Privacy Policy. When circumstances require, it may happen that your consent be expressly requested. You may at any time address a written request to us, to inform us that you withdraw your consent to the use or disclosure of part or all of your personal information, in which case we will process your request with diligence, taking into account the judiciary considerations that may apply.

Use of your personal information

Your personal information is in particular used in the following situations:

To make an online purchase — When you place an order for the purchase of products online, you must provide some personal information such as your name, your home address, your phone number, your e-mail address or your credit card information. This information will be used to create an account to your name, to process and ship your order, and to respond to your requests.

To follow-up on a purchase — After a purchase is made online or at the store of an authorized dealer or distributor, we may send you a letter to thank you, or even contact you by e-mail or by phone to make sure that you are entirely satisfied with the delivery of the product and its installation.

To return or exchange some material — In order to ensure your complete satisfaction, we have, under certain conditions, a return and exchange policy (see General Terms of Purchase). For that purpose, the personal information we collected from you, such as your name, address and phone number, help us prevent fraud. To better identify the person we are dealing with, it may happen that we request a valid piece of identification with a photo.

To provide customer service — When you contact our Customer Service Department, our personnel may ask you to provide some personal information, in order to answer your request or to verify your identity. For example, if you are interested in the status of a recent online order, our personnel will make sure that you are the holder of the account by requesting some personal information that may authenticate your identity.

To allow you to take part in a contest or a special offer — We sometimes launch some contests or special offers. If you participate, you may be invited to provide your contact information as well as some optional information. Your contact information is used for the contest and to contact you if you win. For research and analysis purposes, we may also summarize the contest’s information so that it is not possible anymore to identify individual participants. All contests and special offers are subject to this Privacy Policy and to the rules that will be established, if applicable, for each of them.

To collect data —  From the personal information that you will have provided to us, or that we will have gathered during a purchase made online or by phone, or by the means of one of our authorized dealers and distributors, or during a commercial fair, it will be possible for us to conduct surveys or market studies (which you are free to participate to or not), in order to:

  • learn to better know our clientele’s profile and needs;
  • improve the presentation and content of our products and services;
  • measure the Website efficiency;
  • evaluate our promotional offers or our marketing;
  • improve our security measures in order to counter fraud or errors.


Trovac is responsible for the conservation and the use of all personal information that is provided or transmitted to it, and that, in compliance with the principles stated in this Privacy Policy. On your part, you must make sure that the personal information that you provide is up to date, accurate, and complete. Otherwise, Trovac is not responsible for any damage, cost, loss, or claim that you or any other person may suffer or have suffered, as a result of your failure to provide us with such up to date, accurate, and complete information.

Additional information

Disclosure of personal information — In order to ease the process of your orders or your requests, some of your personal information may be disclosed with employees or with representative of our dealers, divisions, or subsidiaries. We will however make sure that this information is always used in compliance with this Privacy Policy.

External service businesses — If we call upon external businesses whose services may imply the disclosure of personal information, we will then take all appropriate means to ensure that such personal information is used in total compliance with this Privacy Policy.

Sale or transfer of the company’s activities — In case of sale or transfer of our business, all collected information could be transferred or disclosed to a buyer, potential or not. Some reasonable efforts would then be made to see that the use of your information by the latter complies with the present Privacy Policy.

Disclosure in accordance with the law — We may be required to disclose your personal information as the law allows or requires. As such, we may be compelled to disclose your personal information to organisms in charge of applying a law, other investigation organisms, a justice court, or another entity with such authority to constrain.

Protection of your personal information — We adopt and put in place the most recent security and protection standards. For example, all our electronic files are stored on secure servers with limited access. We also use firewalls and passwords, and the importance to preserve the security and confidentiality of personal information is explicitly taught to our personnel. Your personal information is therefore efficiently protected against unauthorized access, disclosure and abusive use.

Authentication procedure — In order to prevent fraudulent use of your personal information on our Website, and to protect you when you are shopping on our Website, we have adopted the industry’s normalized authentication procedure for online payment.

TLS (SSL) Technology — In order to ensure a maximal protection of your personal information, our Website use the SSL protocol to encrypt your personal information such as your name, address, and credit card number, during data transport.

Password — When you create an online account on our Website, you must select a personal password. To maximize your protection, you should choose at least six (6) figures, including both numbers and letters. You are solely responsible of preserving the private nature of your password and account information. We do not send unsolicited communications asking you for your password or to update your account’s information.

Consultation of your personal information — You have the possibility to consult, verify, update, or correct your personal information by simply logging in to your online account. If you do not have an online account, you may contact our Customer Service department (see contact information under “Contact Trovac”). You may then ask to consult the information we have kept, as well as the use and disclosure that have been made of it. With some exceptions prescribed by law, and as long as we can verify your identity, you will have a convenient access to your personal information.

Deletion of your personal information — Your personal data is kept in our files, in accordance with any legal requirement, for as long as we may need it for legitimate commercial purposes. When it is no longer needed, it will be destroyed.

Important reminder concerning e-mail communications — Trovac reminds you that e-mails sent on the public Internet network are not protected. The content of any electronic message sent directly from your personal  e-mail address will not be encrypted. It is then highly recommended not to send delicate information (such as a credit card number) from your personal e-mail account. In such case, Trovac is not responsible whatsoever for the personal information sent by e-mail on the public Internet network.

Modification or update of the present Privacy Policy — In order to adapt to technological breakthroughs or to any modification of the laws that regulate the collection of personal information, following changes in our services, or for any other reason, the present Privacy Policy may be modified or updated at any time, and without notice. It is therefore your responsibility to periodically examine our Privacy Policy to take note of any changes. To this effect, each time you will provide personal information or use our services, you accept the terms of the Privacy Policy into force. The date indicated below informs you of the time when the last modifications came into force. This date will be changed each time the Privacy Policy is updated.

The terms of the present Privacy Policy do not replace in any way the terms and conditions of any other contract that intervened for the obtaining of products and services from Trovac, its authorized dealers or distributors.

Applicable laws and jurisdiction — This Privacy Policy is regulated by the laws of the province of Quebec and interpreted in compliance with these laws. Regardless of where you access either of Trovac’s Website from, or the place where you purchase a Trovac Product, you agree that only the courts located in the judicial district of Montreal, in the province of Quebec, Canada will be competent to hear any legal demand or any claim, based on either of the terms of this Privacy Policy, or that challenges the latter, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly.

Privacy Policy dated February 28, 2013

Terms of use of Trovac’s Website

Use of the Website — When you access Trovac’s Website, www.cyclovac.com, you accept the terms and conditions of use stated below. Online purchases made through Trovac’s Website are limited to the Canadian territory, and regulated by the General Terms of Purchase stated on the Website.

Intellectual property — The Website, www.cyclovac.com, and all elements that compose the website (texts, documents, photos, images, illustrations, designs, sources code, logos…) are the exclusive property of Trovac. It is prohibited to broadcast or reproduce them, in whole or in part, and under any given form, without the express written consent of Trovac. Any other use constitutes counterfeit and is sanctioned by the laws on intellectual property.

Trademarks — Cyclo Vac, Mvac, and WallyFlex (as well as their respective designs and/or logos) are protected trademarks held by Trovac. They cannot be copied, reproduced, or used, in whole or in part, without the former and express written consent of Trovac.

IP address and other browsing information — Some computer information is collected and used to allow or make your use of our Website more effective. This information is not personal information. It includes the IP address of your computer and that of your Internet supplier, the hour and date where you consulted our Website, the operating system your are using, the sections of the Website that you accessed, the pages you visited, the images displayed, and the content you downloaded from the Website.

Cookies — When you use the website, some small files called “Cookies” are installed on your computer to allow recognition of subsequent visits that will be made from your computer. They do not collect any personal information that may allow your identification. The information provided by this technology simply allows us to make your experience easier and to offer you more convenience during your use of our Website.

Links to external Websites — There are links between our Website to other websites. We are not responsible of these other websites, or of the use that they make or do not make of your personal information. You are therefore invited to carefully read the privacy policy of each external website that you visit by clicking on these links.

Children — The Website mentioned above is exclusively intended for adults. If you are a parent or a legal guardian, you accept to be responsible of their use by children, minors, and other people under your supervision, including online purchases that might be made by them.

Prohibition — It is prohibited to access the sources code of Trovac’s Website. You cannot reproduce or broadcast any information contained in Trovac’s Website, unless you only do so for personal purposes.

Non-liability — Trovac cannot in any way be held responsible for any given damage resulting from the use of its Website by anyone.

Applicable laws and jurisdiction — The use and content of the Website, www.cyclovac.com, is regulated by the laws of the province of Quebec and interpreted in compliance with these laws. Regardless of the place from where you access either of Trovac’s Website, you agree that only the courts located in the judicial district of Montreal, in the province of Quebec, Canada, in which the parties take residence, will be competent to hear any legal demand or any claim, based in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, on either of the terms and conditions of use of Trovac’s Website.

Terms of use of Trovac's Website Dated February 28, 2013

Contact Trovac

If you have any questions or comments for us regarding the rules and practices on the Privacy Policy of our organization, do not hesitate to contact us:

E-mail address: info@trovac.com
Phone: 1 800 361-9553
Postal address:
Trovac Industries Ltd
3, Marcel-Ayotte
Blainville (Québec) J7C 5L7

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